Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dirty Projectors

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The Dirty Projectors are getting quite a bit of hype in the music world as of late; I feel like I am just finally catching up on this in my desperate attempt to stall studying for finals. But, they are living up to their hype! Their music is very playful, and one really interesting idea they thought of is that when they do release their new music (June 9), they will be releasing it on limited-edition cassette tapes along with CD and vinyl formats. Anything vintage goes these days, even though most people don't have any form of cassette recorder left, which is why with every purchase of a cassette tape, you also get the MP3 format of the songs so you can actually listen to them.

And my favorite song of Saturday was Zero by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Click here to listen. I am so bummed that their Minneapolis show is already sold out; I would love to see them live!

I would so rather blog and look up new music than study for finals.

Happy Mothers Day!

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