Friday, May 1, 2009

Fruitless Friday

I have been super lazy today.

No work has gotten done.

No progress on my large to-do list has been made.

The only thing I really have done is start filling out a bus core leader application for the wonderful alternative spring break trip I do. And by start, I legitimately mean start. It hasn't gotten very far.

But, instead of more whining, here's a song with a little story. One day, V and I were on our way to volleyball practice in high school. We were driving around, like normal, jamming out in order to get pumped up for the massive amount of work we were about to do when "Downtown" came on. Turns out, it just brightened our day SO much that we in turn went into the gym literally screaming DOWNTOWN!!! to all of our friends. And as that turns out, they all knew the words! So, the entire volleyball team just started busting out DOWNTOWN! Things will be great when you're DOWNTOWN! and on and on. What a good day.

Downtown by Petula Clark

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