Monday, May 25, 2009


I am officially not home anymore, which also means that I can't ignore the growing amount of emails, texts, tweets, wall posts, messages, etc. that I have racked up since going home. I have loved my time relaxing, but it is now time for my "super relaxing summertime" to change into "relaxing and fun yet productive and responsible summertime." I go back to my on-campus job tomorrow and start up my internship on Wednesday, so I will be getting back into somewhat of a routine while still making an exciting summer to-do checklist. I will probably post this soon, as I am planning on working on it tomorrow. At work. Yes, I am already planning on slacking off. It is going to be a wonderful summer.
While home, I got to meet up with all sorts of people. I ended up spending time with my grandparents on three separate days, hanging out with two of my favorite new moms, my best friends from home, my first ever college roommate and her great boyfriend, and lots of other friends and family, especially at my sister's graduation party. The above picture is from Wednesday, when I hung out with V. We ate delicious food, went shopping, and she filled out a couple applications as I started reading the first Twilight book.
I then had a little time to spend in one of my favorite places ever: Barnes and Noble. I feel incredibly calm in all bookstores, but this particular B&N has an even greater calming effect on me for some reason. I continued reading the first Twilight book on a sturdy wooden chair in the sunlight while a nice old man sat in the above green chair in the shade. I didn't realize how much I missed my university until he got up for a moment and saved his seat using his "Gophers" hat. That wonderfully wrinkled, white-haired, political book lover made my day.

This girl was also a big part of me loving my time at home:
We took a long, windy, absolutely enthralling 4-wheel ride through the few streets of my small town and then went on numerous gravel roads. My hair was beautifully knotted and dirt-filled afterward, and the entire back of my shirt and shorts was covered in a thick layer of light brown dirt. The views, however, made all of this SO worth it. It is so nice to be away from the city for awhile and truly appreciate the vast expanses that I grew up around. The ride happened to be right at sundown, too, so it was even prettier with purple, pink, orange and yellow colors meshing together and traveling across the sky. This was my first day with my new *Blackberry* though, and I am not going to lie, I had no idea how to use it and ended up locking myself out of it. Not good. Therefore, there are no pictures of the skyline, even though I attempted multiple times to figure it all out. The funny thing is, my phone hasn't done the same thing since, so I have no idea how it happened OR how I fixed it. It is definitely time to read the manual.
This one is just for show. I got to ride on the back and Ash did the steering. :)
And I am leaving you with my new favorite picture. This is pre-4-wheeler and I was so excited for it that I made K take a picture of us! :) I have such good friends and family.

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