Monday, May 11, 2009

just a little list

I always tend to make lists when I feel like I am getting in over my head or just need to finish up some things before I get to do something way more exciting. This happens to be the case today.

Instead of some large to-do list that only benefits myself, I am instead going to reveal a few things I either have done or am going to do. Think of it as a random fact list of my life over these past and next few days.

-I actually cut my finger using scissors yesterday. I get the oddest injuries.
-This cutting happened when I decided my bangs needed a little trim and that I should do it myself. I always seem to get the urge to cut my own hair at this time of the year.
-After too many straight hours in my apartment I get claustrophobic.
-To combat this, I went dress shopping yesterday!
This isn't the one I bought, but I love the "Suzy-homemaker-esque" style (it even has pockets!) and might have to go back and get it. Ah! Dress shopping can be very stressful. I don't think boys understand this, or the fact that it IS necessary to take photos and send them to your girl friends if you are shopping alone. A second opinion is always helpful. A third and forth are just for good measure. :)

-A couple SMSU people head to Ireland this week! I am super jealous, but hope the few tips I gave them will help!
-I am going to dinner with one of my bffs, Alex, tonight.
-I finally posted pictures on Facebook from the impromptu bonfire we had last weekend. A few girls and I found the spot as we were exploring near a waterfall around St. Anthony Main. We then called everyone up, got some things together and had a little party. I love how open everyone was to coming last minute on a Saturday night!

-I am officially finished with three of my five classes!
-I am going home on Wednesday! I just have to finish everything here before I can go. It is definitely the thing that is keeping me goal-oriented.
-I have plans to hang out with my grandpa on Thursday and couldn't be happier about it.
-That Starbucks gift card my mom sent me has officially been used up. I wish it would have lasted forever.
-I went to a Hawaiian-themed birthday party on Friday, met a boy who proceeded to talk to me the entire night and, as I was leaving, said "Facebook me." What has our world come to?
-I REALLY need to keep studying for my last finals!

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