Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I think you're MIA..."

Whenever I go home for an extended period of time, I definitely "detox." I am horrible at answering my phone and texts, awful at responding to anything on Facebook, and, as I just found out, also don't update my blog or look at any other websites that I am usually glued to while in school and work.

I received the title of this blog in a text that I, of course, actually looked at about 2 hours after it had been sent. I got it on Sunday and finally realized that the person had called every day for three days and sent texts that I had hardly responded to for the same number of days. All of a sudden I realized that my "detox" after finals is not only from the mass amounts of caffeine that I drank, but is also a break from the online or "plugged-in" world I am so accustomed to being a part of day after day.

These last few days I have been keeping busy with my sister's graduation, meeting up with friends and family, having "facetime," adding new movies to my mom's Netflix queue, watching episodes of The Office, working out with Ashley, taking numerous walks, and just being outside in general.

Now, as I come back from my unplugged world, I will post many more pictures, write about graduation, and talk about everything else about home (including my lovely new phone!) But for today, all I have is a block of text and a plan to go to Sioux Falls to meet up with friends and spend some quality time in a coffee shop with a good book. Hope you all have a great day!

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