Monday, November 30, 2009

the (special) two.

The last day of November calls for the last 2 "lists of 10." I truly meant to do this over Thanksgiving break, but was enjoying being home and NOT doing homework wayyyy to much to think about being online or doing anything that required a lot of thinking. So! Here we go.

10 websites to check out:
...most of which I don't think I have shared on here yet, and all of which are linked, so just click to enjoy!

5. I am art project on flickr.

and 10 quick things:

1. In class tonight, a man literally said "paralleling the hooker with Usher..." I've got some really interesting classes.

2. In the same class, a total Mean Girls moment happened. The professor called on a girl by saying her name, Katie, and the girl snipped back "It's CAD-IE." Lindsey Lohan would be proud.

3. And, same class again, the professor wrongly said that Usher sang "In Da Club" when anyone near my age knows that 50 Cent actually sang that song while Usher sang "Yeah."

4. The only thing I want to drink lately is Chai tea.

5. I saw as many movies this last weekend as I had the whole first part of the semester, combined.

6. Twitter is 2009's top word in the English language. Obama was second, and H1N1 third. (Story here from Maggie Holland of IT Pro, where I interned last year at this time.)

7. We picked out our bridesmaids dresses this past Saturday. I'm even more excited for my brother's wedding now!

8. I'm slightly addicted to

9. Number 8 is because I'm trying to do a (mostly) handmade or local (small shop) Christmas.

10. The title of this post is from this beautiful Missy Higgins song. She's one of my favorites:

The Special Two (Album Version) - Missy Higgins

Hope you had a great last day of November! And that you are shaving tomorrow if you participated in No Shave November. :)

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