Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the last 24 hours = d day. without the french.

These last few days have been rough. Just when I caught a glimpse of hope that the day was coming to an end, I reached down into my coat pocket and realized I had lost my phone. Really. I cannot tell you how stressful getting everything finished has been - I'm sure everyone else out there who is a college student is relating. I think these last couple of days have been worse than any finals week I have ever had, though. Whew. I made it!

If you couldn't tell from the last post, my right eyelid has decided it wants to break dance regularly. It has been twitching since Sunday. Yes, this is still happening. I have never had anything like this occur before in my life. Any suggestions on how to make it stop would be greatly appreciated. It really hindered my productivity and made everything that was due twice as hard to complete in the time I allotted for it. But again with the previous sentiment: I made it!

In other news, I'm beginning to get addicted to online shopping. I was always too afraid of it for some reason, so I never even tried it. However, the intense want of a few pretty things from an online vendor led me to take the dive and I have to say, I'm liking the water. This could get really bad, really quickly, especially with Christmas coming up so fast! Yikes. Put the card down, girl...

annnnndddd big news! I'M GOING HOME TOMORROW! I haven't been home since August and I seriously need my big bed, homey home, delicious food, no skyscrapers, and silent, star-filled nights back. I always realize how quiet it is where I grew up whenever I go back. This is the first time K and I will go back together, and I'm excited to see how that changes my view on the commute back and forth. It is probably a good thing she will be with me considering my eye situation. We already talked about it and as long as I get us out of the city, she is ok with driving the rest of the way. This is very good news. Ah! So excited!

So! Wanna listen to some new music?

I'm in love with these soulful voices today.

And just in case you were wondering, I did find my phone, it just took me a couple of hours (I had left it on a shuttle during a work errand.) Silly girl. Tricks are for kids.


  1. hey darlin, just thought i would say that I really miss your face! hope your eye gets better. Also, Total Babe, awesome!

  2. Janae! You lost your phone? I hope your eye has gotten better :) We should get coffee soon!


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