Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is my 100th post on this blog! (Finally, I know.) I was awol this last week because I was very sick. I finally managed to get the infamous H1N1 after successfully avoiding getting it from my sister and multiple friends. In the end, it was my roommate who was the best at making me ill (he thinks that is what he had and I definitely had what he had - but you are not supposed to go to the doctor if you suspect you have H1N1 so I don't have a test or paper saying it is definitely my diagnosis. Either way, it was not fun.)

I did have a great big weekend of fun with a lovely girl named Ms. Beth and a few other friendly faces (including Frank Warren of Postsecret!) last week and then, on Sunday I wasn't feeling so hot. I ended up waking up Monday feeling a bit worse. I went to work and after a few hours of blowing my nose, using hand sanitizer like it was going out of style, and feeling my head get warmer and warmer, my boss sent me home. I then stayed home, barring getting medicine or soup, until Friday. I have never missed so many college classes in a row in my entire life. I essentially skipped all of last week. I am finally feeling better and am trying to catch up on all of my assignments in order to be on track before I leave again on Thursday.

This semester has seriously been the hardest and most demanding of my life. It is not solely because of my classes, but rather because of my other "real-life" schedule. I think my body finally said "enough!" and decided that it had been healthy and moving nonstop for long enough. I know that the slowing down was beneficial and not going out definitely aided in my feeling better now. Of course I still have a cough, runny nose, cold-like thing going on, but that can be dealt with much easier.

But! In celebration of my 100th post, I am going to be doing lists. 10 lists of 10 things that relate to random topics, chosen by me. Or, if there is something you want a "Top 10" list of from me, then just leave it in the comments and I'll include it! I'll be doing these throughout the month of November - can you believe it is November already? - and am pretty excited for it.

Here are 10 things I loved or thought were funny from my sick week:
1. Hot tea. My lifesaver. and throatsaver.

2. The man at Lunds (a grocery store) who thought flirting with me on a Monday night was a great idea. I feel as though he should have noticed my purchases (including orange juice, tea bags, soup, mashed potatoes, cough drops, gatorade), my very comfortable attire (sweats and a big 'ol comfy hat on top of my head,) or the fact that my ears were clogged and I kept having to say "HUH?" whenever he would ask me a question. But nope, that did not deter him. He asked me if I had just come from class and when I said "No, from work" he responded with "Oh, where do you work?" "What's your major?" "Do you like it?" "I like your hat." etc, etc. Excuse me sir, I would love to chat with you at ANY other time in my life, but right now I MUST look pretty dead, and if you would take into account the mass amount of soup and mashed potatoes I just bought, you would realize I am sick. Nope. Nothing would deter this man. I paid with my debit card and as a goodbye he said "Thank you Ms. (and then he seriously mispronounced my last name) and have a great night!" You too, man. You too.


4. My bed. AND my comforter. I'm in love.

5. Gilmore Girls. They are so fabulous. They help me sleep, they provide nonstop entertainment when I can't sleep, they are officially my friends...still.

6. Nice little texts from the few people who knew I was sick.

7. Kleenex with lotion.

8. Ricola cough drops.

9. Having a phone with internet so I didn't even have to leave my bed to email, Facebook, text or call in to tell people I wasn't going to be where I usually am/said I would be.

10. Being healthy enough to go to Where the Wild Things Are on Friday with my sister and friend as a "whoo! you survived this week!" treat for all of us. We had all suffered some pretty bad days last week. But, that just means this next one is going to be fabulous...after the couple of midterms I have left.


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