Monday, November 23, 2009

dear right eye,

gaga is in my head now, you no longer need to try to keep the beat with your constant spasms. it has officially been 28+ hours since you started twitching. i think you proved your point. i will try to sleep tonight. but, you must STOP twitching. must. stop. twitching. i don't want any permanent eye damage due to stress, fatigue and prolonged staring. i am almost finished with my law paper, law brief, feature story, discussion notes to lead class, quiz, editorial and scholarship appraisal. each one of these is due before 5pm tuesday. it is now 5:30pm monday. let's make a truce. no more spasms for the next 24 hours and i will play gaga once every hour so you don't forget the wicked beat. we will rock the world together, but i need to be able to see in order for this to happen.


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