Monday, November 16, 2009

picture story?

I've really been struggling with the answer to the question "So, what are you going to do after you graduate from college?" Yes, I know that my graduation day is approaching. Yes, I know the job climate is ridiculous. Yes, I have seen the statistics saying that the unemployment rate is more than 10% now, the worst in 12 years. (Even though that is a lagging factor, for all of you super serious business/stock broking/economical whizzes out there - I recently learned about the leading and lagging factors, interesting stuff.) The point is, I get it. I should be focusing on getting a job NOW.

But, it is my life. And I have chosen to focus on the things I deem important right now, which means I am putting off tweaking and updating my resume until winter break. I am going to begin looking for jobs then, too. The truth of everything I know is that I have nothing tying me to one particular place, I like to experience new things and meet new people, and even if I do or don't stay in Minneapolis, I will always have a tie here, just like I will always have a tie to where I grew up. Things like that never change, but I always want to be moving and changing and busy with exciting new projects.

To narrow things down, I do know I like to do this:
I love fonts:
I love travel and reflection:I seldom listen to this advice and would like to more:
I want to see:
I want to:and...
...but until that map appears, I will:So please, let's keep calm and carry on together. I will figure it out, you just have to give me time. Oh, and once I do figure it out, I will be sharing stories and adventures along the way. :)

(sources for photos: ffffound. google images.)

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