Friday, June 22, 2012


Can we all just take a moment to thank the Yelp creators for making us more adventurous?

Thank you, it was nice that we did that.

I was given a few hours off from work one morning, and instead of being lazy and staying in bed, I yelped a new-to-me coffee shop. I settled on Maeve's in Northeast Minneapolis, mostly because it was rumored to have some pretty fantastic places to sit and hang out, along with delicious espresso.

It didn't disappoint. I wanted to journal, eat a pastry and caff up. And that is exactly what I did. I ordered a cafe miel, which was cinnamony and frothy, and that monster of a pastry, which is apparently an apple fritter. I'm pretty sure it was baked, not fried, but it was flaky and had frosting and really, that's all that matters.

I sat in a church pew, and stared at funky art, and wondered how they acquired all of the mirrors on the walls. A few people came in for a casual weekday morning breakfast, which made me jealous and wish I was an entrepreneur and could schedule meetings at fun new coffee shops just because that's what I wanted to do. (My entrepreneurial dreams tend to gloss over that whole entrepreneurs work their butts off thing. Instead I think of the coffee shops they could go to! The pastries they could try!)

Nevertheless, I'd definitely go back and I'm even more excited for the next new coffee shop adventure. There are so many sweet neighborhood cafes in Minneapolis, and I'm determined to hit as many as I can. Any suggestions for my next stop?

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  1. I need to do things like this more. Just take some music, a pen and blank paper and see what comes out. I've become so stuck with my lap top that I can only associate creativity with it. I should get back to my roots, back to where I first got my creative flows :) Pen to paper. Good post, inspiring for me!


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