Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello, hello

Hello everyone! First of all, I want to take a moment to say a really big THANK YOU to Kara Haupt of I Just Might Explode for my new blog design! She is an excellent person to work with. She stayed patient with me even though I asked a lot of questions, continuously kept me updated on the process, and made sure everything was exactly how I wanted it. If you are looking for someone to do a blog design, I would highly recommend her.

Second, my office has a new addition! I actually purchased the poster in the photo above about three months ago from Jill McDonald's etsy shop, but it just made it to my office wall this week. Summer is my busy season (that's what you get for planning a summer camp!) so having this pretty reminder in my eyesight puts all of the hard work and late nights into perspective. You can snag your own here.

Third, hello to everyone stopping over from Kara's blog! I'm really excited you've taken the time to click through. I'd love to check out your blogs, so leave me a comment so I can swing by!


  1. love Kara! and the blog design. it's so crisp but also warm :)

  2. THe blog looks great!!! When I finally get more time on my hands in July, I want to redesign mine...Love the wall art too!!!


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