Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Adult life.

I do love my adult apartment windows.

"I give up on the dream dream. I think it's all a dream. I think it's all wonderful and terrible and I give up in the nicest way." - Fiona Apple regarding a new, concrete feeling of being an adult in this interview on NPR

I haven't quite figured out what makes one an "adult" in the sense that we've been fed; you know, those people on television who have their life together. Or those people on the sidewalk who have their name brand, expensive purses and heels and can click clack by you with their shiny hair and you just feel it. They have it together.  They probably don't need a planner. They use their phone. But it's not just their phone, because they have it synced with their computer and alarm clock and notepad and significant other's electronics too, probably. And it works for them. Fascinating.

I have grocery lists and errands scribbled on small pieces of torn, white paper floating around in the abyss of my bag. During the summer, when I bring documents home to proof, I do so with a thin, red, cherry-scented marker. I drink chocolate milk and eat dry cereal as a snack and still haven't put the laundry away that I did at my parent's house this weekend. How silly is it that I choose to drag bags upon bags of laundry five hours away to be able to do it in peace rather than down three flights of stairs & through another building only five steps away? But I digress.

I work a full-time job where I get to quote Justin Bieber if I feel like it and end a few sentences a day with "yo." I have benefits and student loans and car insurance. I pretend to run sometimes. I took a personal finance class. If someone asked me to go out for ice cream right now, I'd jump at the chance. I have a handwritten list of things I want to do taped up on my wall. I get haircuts probably about every six months. I forget to floss. I feel better when there is a map in my peripheral vision. I like cooking and sometimes eat a salad.

Does this make me an adult?

What about you makes you feel like you've hit that milestone? I know we all are technically adults at 18, but when do you feel it? Have you yet?

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  1. I have the same thoughts. What makes me an adult? I feel like I am then sometimes I'm not. I don't even know if I WANT to be an adult yet when I see those women stalking around with their careers and their handbags, I want that too.

    Where's the happy medium??


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