Monday, April 16, 2012

Behind the Year of Intent

I've set out special intentions for 2012, and am setting individual goals for each month.

My yearlong intentions include simple things and complex things. A big part of this is giving myself a structured time frame within which I'll identify what I'm hoping to get out of life in the next few years, what action steps I need to take in order to reach those goals, and what might be best to leave out of life right now (what is hindering me from reaching those goals).
To figure out what I want to focus on, I've been doing the following:
  • Reading. A lot.
  • Following blogs of people who pursue/urge others to pursue their passion (Examples include: Hey Amber Rae, Sam Davidson, Chris Guillebeau, and more)
  • Taking time to journal
  • Asking myself the following questions (from Sam Davidson's 50 Things Your Life Doesn't Need):
    • 1) What do I spend time thinking about the most?
    • 2) If I'm known for only one thing, what is it?
    • 3) What do I value?
    • 4) What must I do every day?
    • 5) What do I tell other people about myself?
    • 6) When do I feel fulfilled?
I'm not going to lie - this has been a big learning experience. I am really trying to find what works for me, and what makes me love my work. One of the ways I'll be working through this will be by writing about it here, sharing books I'm reading and updates along the way. Thanks for letting me share!

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