Friday, October 15, 2010

King of Wishful Thinking

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking
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This song always seems to make me blare the radio and sing along whenever it comes on. I get in a happy mood and do a lot of car dancing that probably alienates anyone in the cars on either side of me but I don't care. I'LL GET OVER YOU! I shriek at the top of my lungs. Oh yes. Yes. I will.

Anyways, as I've been moving and grooving these past few days taking a spontaneous trip around, I haven't taken the time to upload the zombie pub crawl pictures that I'm sure some of you are very excited to see more of. (Yes, you Jan.) I promise they are coming!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday! And do a little car dance on the way to/from wherever you're going today. It'll put a smile on your face, promise.

(And did you know, that kids laugh, on average, 400 times a day. Adults laugh, on average, only 17 times a day. This is sad. So picture me dancing a little and put a smile on your face!)

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