Friday, October 22, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday!

prompts from here

1.   I am  a happy, crazy girl who fills up her time with friends, crafts, yoga and the occasional bouts of writing.

2.  I wish  it was easier to get a position in my field of choice. But then again, nothing worth getting is ever easy, right?

3.  I like chai tea lattes, cookie dough ice cream, pretty photos, storytelling, random adventures, setting off for a new place with no directions, baking for the boys, laughing, feeling free, unique rings, comfy moccasins, scarves, indie music, movies, fun people, skype to keep in contact with people far away.

4.  I can almost smell the airport now! I'm heading to D.C. tomorrow!

5.  I hope everyone can feel loved and missed and needed on a daily basis. It's a wonderful thing - knowing other people are happy when you're in their life. And vice versa. 

6.  I think it's fabulous that my room is truly clean for the first time since I moved in almost 2 months ago. And the fact that my roommates noticed and commented all on their own is hilarious. "OMG THE CLOSET DOORS CLOSE!? Look! Janae! Your closet doors are closed!"

7.  I was  reading an article describing how people act the other day and the part that I related to most was "engage in calculated risk taking." This basically means that I'm not afraid to dance on the table, take a spontaneous road trip by myself, try a new type of ethnic food. The article then said "It is unlikely that any of these things will kill you, but they will probably make you more interesting."

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  1. I'm jealous your room is clean, wanna come over and help me do mine? haha. What's in D.C.? That sounds so fun, I love traveling, take lots of photos.

    I read that article too somewhere, I can't remember where though. I love that line :)



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