Wednesday, June 30, 2010

good morning.

I'm trying to start blogging more regularly, but today is going to be a busy one, so I'm just popping in to say hello and hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

Oh! And Sarah and I went to Punch Pizza for lunch yesterday (we had buy one get one free tickets from a concert we went to a couple of weeks ago!) and then explored Grand Ave. in St. Paul. I had always heard of all of the cute little shops, boutiques and restaurants on the avenue, but had never been there. So we saddled up in Sarah's car, rolled the windows down, put the sunroof back, slipped on our shades and took a ride. On Living Luesdays, we are not mapquesters or Google mappers, we are adventurers. So we headed off in the general direction, got off at the street Sarah thought could be close, I chose to "turn right" and then we ran right into it! I love the little surprises life throws your way.

Speaking of little surprises, we found orange Post-it notes all along one side of the avenue. They were put up on shop windows, on the sides of buildings, on fences, all sorts of random, inconspicuous places. And they all held wonderful, uplifting messages. Here's a photo of the first one we saw:Wonderful, right? I love how one person's simple gesture of writing inspirational messages on a Post-it made both Sarah's and my day. (And I'm sure every other person's who stopped and noticed them.) So today, I challenge you to pay it forward somehow. Flashing someone a smile, opening a door for the person behind you, holding the elevator, paying for someone's coffee, etc. It makes a difference. Sometimes you just need a random act of kindness.

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