Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm in the midst of job applications. This has been a very demanding process which, thankfully, I'm not alone in. Most of my friends are also applying for jobs. Near. Far. All around the country. It's exhausting. And there have been many rants and freak-outs and scared college graduates banding together. It's always heartwarming and bittersweet once one of us is out of the job-seeking grind and officially going to start a steady job. So to those of you who are searching, you're not alone and if you just got something, congratulations!

Once I hit a certain number of applications sent in, I get a prize. I told myself this today and am now trying to think of a really good one that will make all the work and writing and rewriting and editing worth it. I initially thought of a new book (of course) but that is just not special enough. (Plus I went through my bookshelves last night and there are far too many books that I own and have not read yet for me to purchase anything new.) Perhaps some really good new music once I get my new computer? I think that would be perfect. Or a fun day out somewhere. Hmm...I'll let you know what I decide and when I get the reward!

For now I still have lots and lots of resumes to refine and cover letters to write and job searching to do. I've almost been a college graduate for an entire month (WHOO!) and still have yet to find a full-time placement. Thankfully, I do have a part-time job for the summer that I love and truly am going to be sad to leave once August rolls around.

If you, however, have been looking for a few books to read and are a little strapped for cash, Barnes and Noble is having a wonderful online sale here of 100 bestsellers. All of the books on the list are marked down to $3.99, and there are some really wonderful writers represented. Enjoy!

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