Friday, June 18, 2010

Phoenix and Cowboy Orchestras

This time last year I was highly addicted to this band, and this song has crept back into my play list somehow. Phoenix just sounds like summer to me. (I wish there was a way I could embed this music without having to share the handmade videos that go along with it on youtube.)

Speaking of music, I went to one of the oddest concerts ever on Wednesday night. It was actually more of a collaboration of multiple arts. The band was The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra and, despite my hesitations and the fact that I had never heard of them before, they exceeded any expectations I had. The fiddle player! Oh wow the fiddle player. She was incredible.
We went because during intermission, a friend of mine performed. And by performed I mean juggled! He and a few other members from his juggling club did tricks on stage and it was so fun to see them in front of an audience! He has tried to teach me how to juggle on numerous occasions, all to no avail. Maybe I'll give it another shot this summer.

On top of all of that, a local filmmaker collaborated with the GCO sometime prior and had made 3 short films that would introduce a song to the audience before the band actually played it. It was a really interesting take on collaboration. Like having a music video right before seeing the real thing live, only the videos were more human than a music video. I'm not sure I'm describing this very well, but they play again in two weeks with a different set of collaborators, so this might turn into a Wednesday night outing every couple of weeks!
After the concert and short films and juggling, they played a classic sci-fi film. We didn't stay for all of it, but it was definitely a whole night full of entertainment for a very small fee. I've been a big fan of anything I can do for free or on a limited budget, so it was perfect. I got to see my friend perform, live music, interesting local artists' videos, and part of another full-length movie all in the cozy Suburban World Theater, which I realized I've walked past at least 20 times and never even noticed. Funny how that happens, huh?

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