Thursday, June 10, 2010

a new currently:

just finished reading: Paper Towns by John Greene. I loved it.

now starting: Love Me by Garrison Keillor

working on: editing a friends personal statement for med school, helping another friend create press releases for her internship

needing to: apply for more jobs!

just read this NYT op ed: A Gift for Grads: Start-Ups

planning: a trip to a bookstore. just to browse. promise.

woke up today: at 8:28am...I forgot to reset my alarm to a morning time (I tried napping yesterday but it didn't work) and needed to make the 8:36am bus. I did. And with style, wearing a necklace I just finished making, jeans, moccs, cardigan (of course) and my purple glasses to match both the cardigan and necklace.

excited for: a business proposal in the works! kind of a off-in-the-land-of-when-i-have-money-dream-job, but we are starting it now with a blog and craft days. I'll share that link and the story behind it soon.

want a new song? Parachute by Ingrid Michaelson is it!

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