Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's living luesday!

I'm not sure what's on the schedule for today, but Sarah and I are going to plan a little adventure over lunch. This week is filling up with so many things so quickly! I've committed (volunteered) to write press releases for two nonprofits within a weeks time, so I'll be focusing on those, along with a big project at work and lots and lots of job searching/applying. I've gotten a few bites and leads and things, but I'm trying to be responsible so until I get a position I'm happy with, I'll continue applying places. I'm hoping I'll have everything figured out by mid-August (I'm supposed to hear back from a few places mid-July), so I have another month of planning and hoping and preparing ahead of me. But enough job talk, it's Living Luesday! Go out and be adventurous!

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