Wednesday, January 26, 2011

red hat tales.

I'm not going to lie, I actually wore this hat at work half of the day on Tuesday. You see, yesterday I didn't shower. I had decided it was a night for swimming on Monday, so I went to the gym where I proceeded to run into an approximately 8-year-old boy every time I tried to do a lap. He didn't seem to grasp the whole concept that this line was mine, and his only real job at that moment was to not be in my (or the 60-year-old lady to my left)'s lanes. Oh no. He was CROSSING them.

He was a Maverick. I get it, because I like to call myself a Maverick from time to time.

Maverick is a word I like to use better than rebel, rule-breaker, et al.

But then, an old friend who I have not seen in about a year walked into the pool area. He was with another friend of his; they were heading to the opposite end of the pool in that slow, lethargic, too-cool stroll that some boys have. And what do I do? HIDE. All I think is that I don't really want this boy who happened to have been in my life at one point to see me in my swimming suit, trying to dodge an 8-year-old kid at 5:30pm on a Monday night. So I decide it's time for some underwater swimming and strategic water treading where my head is not looking anywhere in the vicinity of this boy. Cool, right?


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