Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How was your day?

I spent a large portion of today pouring over one Excel spreadsheet. I was armed with a transparent red 32 ounce water bottle with "Wells Fargo" emblazoned on one side and ice slowly dissipating within, four dum-dums - two watermelon, one strawberry and one green apple, and, at a particularly desperate point when my eyes kept flicking open and closed and a dull pain began pulsating in my left temple, a small bag of mesquite bbq chips. Fun fact: I hated bbq-flavored chips growing up and have only started trying them within the past year.

I also had The Current's online stream going throughout the entire day. What fantastic music. If you never listen to The Current, you really should. My absolute favorite part is about the middle of the afternoon, when you are sure you cannot go on anymore, that you are going to tell someone you feel sick because you are just so tired of working and it is 2:30, and hey that was a good effort for the day...well at that exact moment, The Current plays something completely off the wall. Literally. It's an alternative, local, small band kind of station but they'll throw in Destiny's Child or TLC or a really popular Prince song or Backstreet Boys. Seriously! It makes my day every single time. They know what they're doing over there at MPR. I highly recommend them for your work day.

And because I've just rambled about the radio, here is a song I've been loving every time I hear it:

Do you have any stories for today?

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