Monday, May 10, 2010

things i did wrong before my last final (ever.)

1.) I woke up early Sunday so I could go to a coffee shop and study my little bum off. Well, my sister had stolen my car late the night before and my favorite study spots are not within walking distance. So I put comfy pants back on.

2.) I finally got my car back, but it was while I was making lunch. So, I proceeded with the lunch. And then the Sex and the City movie may have found it's way into my DVD player. Sometimes those things just happen and who am I to say no to that? Roll with the punches, people.

3.) Finally, at a not-so-pivotal scene in the movie (Carrie was hiring an assistant) I thought, "what am I doing lying here watching this movie instead of studying for my last final ever? Silly me. I'll go to the bookstore." Books AND coffee and lots of people being quiet. I can't think of a better place to study.

4.) I, naturally, get my coffee and then proceed to stack book upon book into my arms until no more can fit and then squeeze them all onto a small table meant, quite simply, for coffee and perhaps a danish, not a bunch of books. And then I proceed to peruse well, all of them. For hours.

5.) I get an idea! (WHOO!) of something I want to do for someone that includes a couple fun books. So I finish reading the mass amounts I had and go in search for another pile. Luckily, this time there was a comfy chair open for my enjoyment.

6.) I GO THROUGH MY NOTES! Coffee's gone.

7.) The whole depositing a bunch of books back on the rack and getting another big pile may have happened one more time. No judgment.

8.) I go home and make dinner.

9.) Titanic is on television. There's no hope. For my roommates or I. We all watch it, scene for scene, even when our television starts getting fuzzy.

10.) Titanic is over. I am going to go over my notes one more time and go to bed.

11.) But first I want to peruse one of those books I happened to buy.

12.) 4:36am rolls around. I'm still perusing. Although I don't think it can be called "perusing" any longer. I'm on chapter 18 and loving this book. There's no hope. I force myself to go to sleep.

13.) I wake up earlier than my alarm (I get almost 4 hours of sleep) and start reading again. I dreamt of this book. I'm loving this book.

14.) 10am-ish I finish the book. I need to shower!

15.) Noon-4pm work

16.) 4pm: My last undergraduate final. Ever.


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