Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bear with me.

So I happened to break my phone during finals week, had it taped together so it was still working for a little bit, broke it again the first night I was home, and have finally had it fixed. I apologize to anyone who actually did get a response from me these last few weeks - usually they were short and half of the time I was scrambling around my purse trying to find that silly tracking ball that is supposed to stay in the middle of my blackberry but had instead jumped ship.

I've also been flitting from the city to my small town life to graduations to moving my brother to hanging out with family to seeing new babies to doing little tasks that I've been asked to help with for the upcoming wedding. (My brothers, not mine.)

AND then there are job applications and answering the one question that everyone asks once they find out I've graduated from college: "What's next?" (I do not blame them, I just wish I had a concrete answer to give.)

Thankfully, I do have a summer job. As for the next big thing, well, I'm working on it. Bear with me and my non-answering self. Please!

EDIT: I should also mention my computer is essentially out of commission. I've stolen my sisters (THANKS K!) for the next week so I can finish up some important things. :)

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