Wednesday, May 19, 2010

playing hooky.

Yesterday I went to work, got off a little early, had lunch with a friend atThen went to Garrison Keillor's bookstore in St. Paul!

A friend of mine and I sat in a little alcove to the right of those red-cushioned chairs reading armfuls of books that we had plucked from the wooden bookshelves. This bookstore is like the library I wish I had. I came away with:Naturally, a Garrison Keillor book. The introduction talks all about St. Paul and the first chapter's title is "We met at the U." I was hooked. I've only read a few pages, but it mentions Northrop immediately, which just so happens to be where I graduated on Sunday. I think it's the perfect time for me to give this book a read.

Then I went to a little league baseball game!
Three guys I know started coaching the 11-12 year olds in a suburb of Minneapolis. Eight of the fourteen players had never played baseball before. It was sunny, the seeds were passed out, the Peace Tea was getting warmer and warmer and the kids were absolutely hilarious. Their team mascot is the huskies, which was my school's mascot my senior year of high school. And, they won! It was only their second game of the season so they are now 1-1.Then we ventured to a birthday party! It was a little bit more grown-up than this - they both were turning mid-20s - but you get the idea.

I felt like I was playing hooky the whole day. It was so gorgeous out. I ate outside, I watched baseball, I read in the sunlight, I got to hang out with good people, and my tongue is still sore from all of the seeds I fed it last night. Such a good day. Have you played hooky lately?

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