Friday, April 23, 2010

"where's my bouncy Janae?"

I've been a sick lady the last few days. I didn't go into work or to classes at all on Wednesday, and part of Tuesday. Then on Thursday I went back and everyone could tell I was still sick, which is where the title to this post comes from.

There are very few days left in the school year but an enormous amount left to finish, so you can just about imagine the guilt I was feeling after spending the entire day Wednesday in bed...and at Target to get medicine, orange juice, soup, you know the essentials.

Anyways I thought I'd share a few random things I like to do when I'm sick. Maybe these are not random at all, but rather something you all do too. I guess I don't know!

1.) I like to eat doughnuts when I'm sick like this. I think it started one day in high school when my dad took me to the doctor (I had to get medicine injected through an IV and then through was a bad few weeks). Anyways he took me to Walmart afterward and we got doughnuts - just simple glazed doughnuts. They have made me feel better ever since.

2.) I drink as much tea as is possible. In my mind, it is going to help everything. Why I do not do this in everyday life is puzzling.

3.) I watch as many seasons of whatever television show I have in my possession. And by watch, I mean I put it on and fall into a delirious sleep, and then wake up, rewind, and repeat.

4.) I do not even think about brushing my hair.

5.) And apparently, I write multiple delirious semi-coherent emails to professors telling them I can't come in. Then I look back over them a few days later and realize that my writing professors probably were not too impressed with the large amount of grammatical errors. Maybe it helped the plea that I couldn't come in?

Ahhh anyways! What do you do when you are sick? I'm finally starting to feel more me-like...and my boss told me today that the "light in your eye that is usually there is back." Good deal.

Here's a funny little video from Kate Nash's new single for your (hopefully healthy) Friday!

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