Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mat Kearney

I took a much needed break last night to go to the Mat Kearney concert! At the U of M we have a little thing called "Lend a Hand, Hear the Band." If you donate at least 10 hours of community service throughout the year, you are eligible to get a free ticket to the concert. Due to the fact that half of this semester has been volunteering for me, I was fortunate enough to get a couple tickets and brought a friend! :)

It was a really good show - local man Will Hutchinson opened up and then Kearney's band definitely had a fabulous, big-band end. It's been much too long since I've seen live music, yet every time I'm at a concert I vow to go to more. I must make more time for this.

The first time I heard Mat Kearney was from a mix a mr. made for me at my first college - so all the way back in 2006. I just realized that the only Mat Kearney songs I have are from other people making me mixes. How cool!

Here are a couple songs you'll probably recognize (breathe in, breathe out was featured on Grey's Anatomy.)

This is one of my favorites:

and this is the first song of his I was given:

Listen to more here or here. Enjoy!

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