Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring cleaning!

I've taken the morning off of doing homework, blasted music (the boys who live below me and always have their music or tv on SUPER loud were trying to beat me, but I think I won) and did a little cleaning. I haven't taken a break just to clean in a while and, well, it's noticeable. I literally wouldn't let people come to my house because I was a little embarrassed of my room. (Which, mom if you are reading this, is usually really clean up here. I've grown since high school.)

In other news, my co-ed intramural softball team started up last Thursday. This is the second year I'm playing intramural softball and it is amazing. If you knew me when I actually played softball, you know I'm not good. The best part about our team is that it doesn't really matter that much. I race out to get the right field spot, freak out whenever a left-handed batter comes up to the plate, and otherwise laugh and hang out with my friends. It's going to be so nice once the weather warms up even more.

And last night we had a bus reunion! We ate, we laughed, we shared stories, they reminded me I'm's silly but in my head I have SO many projects to finish that the actual "graduating" part at the end of this semester hasn't been factored into the situation yet. I'm going to work on letting that settle in before it actually happens. But! Until then, it's back to video projects, papers, reviews, internship things, etc...see you soon!

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