Monday, April 12, 2010

just a quote.

"There’s something about a friendship in which the other person knows the intimate details of your life and the content of your dreams and still believes that you belong in the life that you imagine for yourself, in spite of everything...Those are the best kind of friendships, where each friend dreams on behalf of the other."
- from here.

I read this and immediately thought of a few different people. I'm a lucky, lucky girl to be able to say that I have more than one person rooting for me. (And I am definitely rooting for them!)

Happy Monday to you! I started off my day with a lot of writing, a little poking around the Internet, and a wonderful standing meeting with my friend Tanya. Technically she's my internship adviser, yet in reality we were friends (and roommates) first so we tend to get a little off subject, and that is always just fine with me.

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