Monday, December 21, 2009

working on the holiday spirit.

There was a Santa on my bus this morning. It's silly, because if I had been on time, which I almost always am, I would not have seen him. But, I wasn't on time. I was patiently waiting to say goodbye to one of my roommates and went into work a little later than normal and got a pleasant surprise on the bus. A little conversation between Santa and the bus driver went like this: "My sleigh broke down - I had to dump it. You know what I mean? I had to leave it under a tree somewhere...I'm not telling you where."

It's the first time I felt like it was Christmastime. I still haven't listened to any Christmas music unless someone else put it on. That just might change today. But probably not unless it's Ingrid.

Also, my body has decided to revolt. I woke up naturally at 3:35am today and could not go back to sleep until about 6:15am. I watched some Gilmore Girls, doodled, and read about 60 pages in a book. This is my public apology to my sleep-deprived self. Don't worry, you'll be nurtured this next month with lots of sleep and creativity and friendtime. (As you can see, "time" can be placed behind any word and I deem it legitimate. I blame MC Hammer.)

Off to finish some shopping and see a few friends before the trek home, which is looking like it will happen tomorrow due to a looming snowstorm. 2009 is flying by!

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