Friday, December 18, 2009

the wish list.

Here are a couple things that I haven't put on a list that I secretly would love for Christmas or my birthday. I've been doing a lot of the Christmas shopping for my family to help my mom out this year. She has a big test to take tomorrow (Saturday the 19th) and has been focused on studying for that. So, I've been working on being Santa. It's been fun, but it has made me continuously think of little things I would love. So, I'm putting them in a post just for fun!
this pretty key necklace.Or this one. I really do want a key necklace...I think it will be what I buy myself for my birthday in January!
An iHome. Who would have guessed I still have not bought one? I thought it was odd, considering I'm listening to music on my dying laptop quite a bit.Another pair of Toms? Yes, please. The first pair has writing all over them, and I just think the red are fun.
This beautiful long knit cowl.
Or this shorter, but still pretty pink one. I'm into chunky knits lately. I'm hoping to learn how to knit over break.this book. I have about a million books on a big list that I want. And my sister already bought me 7 used books that I found in Portland as my Christmas present. But this one is more of a gift book - something you can flip through like Postsecret, instead of something you dedicate time too. One day I'm going to have the best library.This fabulous oval ring. Or really, any big rings.
love this one.and this one.

Wow. So many cool things. I'm feeling a little greedy all of a sudden. Ha! But my family is going to be getting some pretty neat Santa gifts. Not only because I have a slightly different taste and vibe than my mom (and was allowed to run free with my ideas), but also because I have been on this big kick of buying certain products (I'll share later because I know K looks at this) and so their stockings will have a little something extra from me to them. Haha! And, of course, I got myself one so my stocking will not be lagging. Oh fabulous.

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  1. we should totally knit those cowls- can teach you :)


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