Thursday, December 17, 2009

It is officially finals week.

And I am done with all of my finals but one. Life is silly that way.

I happened to have professors and a schedule which made last Thursday-this Tuesday my finals week. My professors preferred to finish things the last day of class, so I have taken all of the tests and written all of the papers necessary to complete my classes. I have one final on Saturday from 4-6pm (one of the worst times ever, I believe) and then I am completely finished!

I celebrated yesterday by taking a nice long nap after work. I hadn't planned on it, actually I had planned on being really productive, but apparently my body had other plans. It essentially led me to my bed, put on a good show, and then realized it was exhausted and fell asleep for a couple of hours. Message received, body. You were tired. I didn't let you rest most of the last week. I get it. On a related note, I coerced myself into getting up on Tuesday morning of this week by promising that it would be the last night that I got four or fewer hours of sleep for the rest of the semester. It worked, which was a good thing considering I had a large paper to hand in for every single one of my classes that day.

I also actually celebrated by going out for drinks with friends last night. I honestly haven't done that at all this last semester, which is a little sad considering my 21 age status and the fact that I am a senior. I was just too busy/rarely around on the weekends. I'm going to change that for next semester, though. Just wait. It will be fun. You are all invited.

Now I haven't said anything about things in the news or music or overarching universal anything. I don't even have photos because the ones I took on my phone of stressed-out Janae at 2 am are not email-able. (My phone is having technical issues with my email lately. I've just been dealing instead of fixing it, because my multiple efforts have not helped.) But here is an interesting comic piece the Huffington Post did on Santa. There. Now we have some holiday spirit.

And Joe, I know you read this and have been patiently waiting for me to say this, so, BIG congratulations on 3 months! I hope you and Stacy are going to be in my hometown over the holiday break so we can chat a little, and Ashley and I can talk babytalk to her belly. And to you.

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