Thursday, April 2, 2009

I've missed it.

So, I have started another blog. This is actually a big deal to me as I didn't want to start the first one in the first place. I have realized something lately, though, and that is that I have a lot to say and even though I know many people might not care or want to read it, it is still fine for me to consider myself a writer, and as such, to create a blog for my own personal future reference. I want this space to act as a personal sanctuary for opinions to abound, inspiration to be found and shared, and my life to be documented in a way that I haven't had since coming back from London. So, if you have found me, feel free to snoop, as that is the whole point of the internet anyways, isn't it? Well, disseminating information might be a better phrase, but either way, we all want to feel like our opinions and ramblings matter in the large scheme of things. I truthfully love learning about other people's lives, I just don't believe that everyone has what it takes to be a successful blogger. Just so we are all clear, that is absolutely not what I am trying to be. I just want a place to write freely, at home, at work, at my other home, at school, wherever. And the internet definitely provides the ubiquitous space I was searching for. So here we go, round two. Welcome to my life.

P.S. If you are interested in my semester spent in London and traveling around Europe, my first blog was highlighting these things and can be accessed at

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