Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Film Talk

I added a film studies minor (formally named "Studies in Cinema and Media Culture") this last summer. I added it on a suggestion from my advisor for my other minor (Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature), and was kind of in that "why not?" stage of summer where anything goes as long as you get ice cream at the end of the day, and where you feel like you will have time for whatever you plan. Well, I then went to London for a semester; my classes had been pre-chosen and I only had one class that could cross-over from journalism to SCMC: British Broadcasting Today. Because of this, I was in a panic while signing up for classes for this semester, as I didn't want to be staying in college an extra semester just to finish up my minor. So, long story short, this semester I am enrolled in three film classes. And today we got to watch this in one of them:

It is a wonderful French film. The first Godard film I ever saw was "Week End," and, honestly, I did not have any desire to see any others. Nevertheless, "Pierrot le Fou" made me believe in his work again. I must have looked incredibly eager to be watching the film halfway through because I was making a ton of notes on its relationship with American culture and the Vietnam war. It's incredibly vivid use of color and Godard's very poignant use of sound all made the experience wonderful.

On another note, in the film class I was in last night, we watched the introduction for and talked about the original Star Wars. This may seem completely out of character (I am actually surprising myself), but I REALLY want to watch the movie now. I really like the designs for these film posters, too. In other news, it is incredibly nice here today. I have so much homework to do, but it is wonderful to be able to walk outside without a jacket between classes and work. I must get back to work now, so "may the force be with you." (Just kidding.)

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