Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Check yourself.

I just arrived home from work; actually, I just got home from the chiropractor, where I learned my fifth lumbar vertebra was off and where my doctor thought it appropriate to tell me "sit up, this might just be your lucky day." But that's a story for another time.

So I arrive home, park my car, the whole bit. I'm sauntering up to a man who graciously opens the first of multiple locked doors. We continue up the short path.

Man: "So, how was the day at the office?"
Me: "Oh, it was a day at the office, I guess."
Man: "Yeah, another stupid, worthless, crappy day at the office."

Wait, what?

We ended up immediately diverging into our two separate ways, but his words lingered. I was throwing myself my own little pity party, to be sure, but this man who I have never seen before was obviously disgruntled.

It made me stop and think. How had I been acting that day? Wasn't I the one who decided to close my door so coworkers couldn't "bother" me? Didn't I complain to my boss that as much as I worked this morning, I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere? And then I asked for time off on Friday?

It's amazing what a quick "Check Yourself" reflection can do. This man's words affected me. They made me think about my day and how it really wasn't nearly as bad as I was making it. My own mind was affecting my day. My thoughts. My actions. Me shutting people out.

Sure, maybe this man is unhappy in his job. But he has a job. And in this economy, that's saying something. (I have a strong belief that if you are that unhappy in anything, you have the power to change it.)

This is just my reminder to take a step back and remember that our words and actions have influence on others. Don't let one bad day, one stressed-out phone call, one bum knee let you lash out on others. Check yourself.

I leave you with my last words to this man, echoing through the hallway: "Hopefully you'll have a better night!"


  1. Its funny how it sometimes takes other peoples comments about their own life to make us realise things about our own. I really love your blog and I think the idea of a year with intent is fantastic!

    1. Thank you! And yes, it's so true that sometimes it takes another person's comments to put your's in perspective. I need that most days!


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