Tuesday, November 8, 2011


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Many of my friends (and I'm sure others) have been expressing their thanks each day in November and will continue right on through to Thanksgiving. Some are doing this via Twitter or Facebook, others are writing it in their own journal or blog. I think this is a wonderful little tradition.

Yesterday, I was chatting with my roommate after she and her coworkers had a day together to continue strengthening their work relationships. One of their activities was writing down their top 10 moments/experiences from the past year. It's an interesting concept, and each individual takes it their own way. At one point in our conversation I was thinking, did I even have 10 big things that happened this year that I could put down on a list?

And that, of course, is when it hit me. It's not about those "big moments." It's about all of the little ones. The ones where you're driving along and suddenly realize "I'm really happy!" I'm smiling to myself, I'm content, I have good people in my life and a great home to go to. I have people I can count on all around the world. I have everything I truly need. Wants are an entirely separate thing and are saved for Christmas wish lists. Everything I need to be content has been granted.

Last night, I talked with a friend I've known since kindergarten on the phone. After only a few sentences she said, almost incredulously, "wow, you sound really happy." It was then that I realized that even though daily stressors may gnaw at us, it's great to keep a positive outlook. It's wonderful having a job I love and want to be at, it's fantastic to have a place full of shapes and stories and giggles and ice cream to come home to each night, and I'm truly blessed to have smiling faces to share all of these things with. 

So yes, there are definitely hard times, but overall it's been a good ride. I'm thankful for that, and hope to continue reminding myself what this season is all about.

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