Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's been a month.

I took an impromptu month away from blogging life. It all started with the fact that my computer was broken, and it took longer than two weeks to fix. Then it just felt good being able to be offline in the few hours I was at home. I'm planning two camps for high school students this summer and that has made work ramp up in the past month. I love it, I've just been busy!

Beginning last October, I found a church that I really enjoy attending every Sunday. This morning, the pastor said one thing particularly true: "Life is not for understanding and comprehending. Life is for living." I didn't really think about it this way until today, but this past month I've been enjoying ordinariness. Going out for happy hour, re-uniting with friends I hadn't seen in a year, baking for an entire day with one of my best friends, trying new restaurants, planning and hosting a party, grilling with my roommates, having impromptu movie and wine nights, painting my nails, going to brunch, eating fruit, going to a swanky event with a good friend, helping friends with video projects, acting like an adult, realize I'm not acting anymore, showing up.

Really, I've just been focusing on the relationships I have in real life. This has been fantastic, and reminded me why I love this place. I've built a wonderful, supportive community around me. I have a blessed life.


    2. Yes, I'm trying to find a job in the cities, it's brutal out there. Jeez. Not to mention I need to find a place to live, haha. I have 38 days to get things together.

    We should totally meet up! I'll be at job fair on the 2nd if you wanted to get coffee or something before I head back to campus, you should e-mail me or twitter me, yippeeee

  2. So I finally remembered to check out your blog and I love this post! All of your recent escapades sound wonderful and are inspiring--I need to get outside and try new things myself more often.


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