Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Hello everyone. I apologize for the break in blogging, but thought I'd give you a little snapshot of what's (unfortunately) been going on that has attributed to the delays.

1) Car accident = lots of paperwork, a few doctor visits, and trying to get my car fixed.

2) My computer broke. I got my old, slower computer to turn on but it's not much help in the blogging department. I'm currently in the process of getting mine fixed.

3) On top of that my DVD player broke which doesn't affect blogging per se, just adds to the frustration level.

4) Then today, I lost my cell phone. Figuring out where it is/how to replace it also takes a little time. (I've searched all over. I distinctly remember having it in my car before a meeting, but it was nowhere to be found once I got there. Ghosts?)

5) I also locked myself out of my house. Icing on top of the cake.

In other words, it's been a hard couple of weeks, especially these past few days when things just haven't gone my way, no matter how much I've tried to plan things out.

On the positive side, I do have a full-time job where I'm finally starting to earn enough money to pay for a few of life's unexpected glitches. Well, that is if one would happen at a time instead of all of them in a row. I'm sure I'll have everything figured out soon, it's just taking me a little while to troubleshoot!

I'd appreciate any happy thoughts you have to send my way!

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