Saturday, November 13, 2010

Song Saturday.

Today we had the first snow in Minnesota, and man was it heavy. First of all, I'm not lying when I say that it was 60+ degrees at one point this week. And now we have so much snow that both Minneapolis and St. Paul are in snow/winter weather advisories. It's crazy!

There are all sorts of silly ways Minnesotans like to share their love/hate relationship with the flurry, white flakes, but a few of the best are claiming that we now officially live in Minnesnowta or, like in this particular situation, we are in a snowpocalypse.

I prefer a few calming songs, some delicious hot chocolate, comfy clothes, snuggling under blankets and reading or watching a movie. And that is just what I am about to do as I had to leave my warm house before 7am this morning in order to make it to a day-long conference I helped plan. It was a wonderful, productive and energizing day, but I am one tired lady who is happy to now be sitting on my bed in dry clothes instead of driving down slick roads in a car that may need new tires.

Happy first snow!

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