Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm employed!

I'm officially a full-time, working woman! I've been offered and accepted a position with a fantastic nonprofit that promotes financial literacy and college and/or career readiness for high school students in Minnesota!

Today was my very first day, and it almost went by too quickly for me to really focus on it! I was up super early to get ready and on the road, only to go outside and find that my car was literally iced shut from the freezing rain we've been having. Yikes! I finally got into the passenger side of my car, and shoved the drivers side door open. (I'm super graceful at 7am.) There were a bunch of accidents on my way in, so, even though I left extra early, I was starting to get nervous that I'd be late! Thankfully, I got there on time and everyone at the office is incredibly nice. I couldn't ask for better co-workers. They all came up to me at different points in the day, purposefully using my name, offering me coffee, asking me questions, and really being warm and welcoming all around.

Now that the big first day is behind me, I already have an out-of-the-office event to attend tomorrow and another one on Wednesday! I'm really getting thrown in to the mix, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

My role is as a program associate for two of the five programs the nonprofit has. I get to network and recruit professionals to be e-mailing mentors for classes of high school students, and then plan special events where they actually meet up in real life. This is my main job during the school year, and then during the summer I'll be planning, recruiting and putting on two camps! This is going to be fantastic. :)

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