Monday, March 8, 2010

why i do it.

"I have discovered that life in your early 20s is all about learning how to handle responsibilities."
- from here

I have been a busy, busy lady these last few weeks and this one is going to be the busiest yet. We are finalizing everything for our tour, and it is crazy. Small details, simple yet important little things we need to buy, multiple trips to multiple stores, it's exhausting. We spent 12 straight hours together as a core on Saturday and managed to finish many, many things and think of many more that we still need to do. On top of it, I am trying to keep up with my internship, work and classes. Oh yeah, did I mention midterms? Midterms are this week.

Every time we hit a little bump in the road, a small obstacle or snag in our planning, I just try to remind myself that this is going to be SO incredibly worth it once I step on the bus Friday morning. I am so wrapped up into the planning that I wake up with lists upon lists in my head, can't function unless I've checked my email one last time, and have been on my phone texting, calling and confirming things all day long today. I have absolutely loved the ride so far, and cannot wait to actually be ON TOUR with everyone who has so graciously decided to forego other spring break plans and come on a road trip with me and my friends to help better communities across the U.S.

The big picture really is in my head, sometimes I just have to settle down and remind myself why I chose to add this stressor into my life this year. It's because it's something I believe in. It's something I live for. It's expanding people's minds and allowing them to see new things, explore new cultures, understand new worlds, and reflect upon their own lives in one of the most uplifting and worthwhile trips of my lifetime. And I've already done it 3 times. I cannot wait to see the faces of those who have yet to experience this trip, and I am so lucky to be able to facilitate such an amazing group of people in four days.


We've been planning since September. SIX MONTHS. When do college students do anything this substantial for six months? I know this is a unique experience I am lucky to have, and I have one person in my life to thank for making me go on a tour when I was a sophomore in college. He yelled at me daily, actually, until I finally signed up. Then he yelled at me again because he forgot that I had signed up the day before and told him so. Now, he is one of my favorite people and someone I admire. So remember, sometimes the friends who are yelling at you are just trying to tell you that you can do more, be more, see more and inspire more. They truly are yelling because they care. They yell because they see something of merit inside you that you may not be able to fish out quite yet. This trip brings that to life. This trip makes you feel like you are impacting the world. This trip makes you feel like you matter. And that is why I have dedicated the last six months of my life to making this trip the best it can be for 40 other people.

I really hope they enjoy the ride.

There is a very good chance that this will be my last post in a very long while, so if that is the case, have an amazing couple of weeks! I will be on Spring Break starting Friday, March 12 until Saturday, March 20. I'll probably be updating where I am via twitter (follow me @janaetime) and/or if you want to know, I will send out a mass text to a couple people who have already asked for it each night when we get there. (Let me know in comments, Facebook, or call/text me and I'll add you!)

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